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Shaw Webmail Users

It has been reported that some of our members who use Shaw email are not getting our Island Swimming email messages that have been sent from the office.  This is due to the spam filter setting within your Shaw mail.  To ensure that you receive our email messages you will need to make some changes to your preferences within your webmail.

Follow the instructions listed below for your version of Webmail.

Instructions for Shaw Webmail Version 2.0:

For Version 2.0 you will need to add Island Swimming as a trusted domain and add email addresses.

1. Login to your Shaw Webmail account.


2. Select the Preferences option from the top right hand corner of the webmail screen.

Notice that the screen display and the menu options on the left have changed.

3. Select the option Trusted Addresses from the menu on the left.

4. Add Island Swimming as your trusted domain along with your coaches and office email addresses, office addresses are:




Instructions for entering the email addresses:

1. Enter email address.

2. Click on the Add button.

3. Repeat for each address.

4. When you have finished adding all the addresses select the Save option, this is shown at the top of the entry box.


Instructions for Prior Versions of Shaw Webmail

1. Login to your Shaw Webmail account.


2. Select the Settings option, this is the forth option under Email.

3. Select Spam Filter.

4. Select the second option Tag Suspected Junk Email.

5. Select the SAVE button on the right hand side of the screen.



If after making these changes you are still not receiving emails from Island Swimming please notify the office, we are able to receive your emails.