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Learn to Swim

Swimming is a life skill worth investing in.  At Island Swimming, we understand how important it is for your child to be a strong swimmer.

Our Professional coaches will help your child become a strong swimmer and achieve their swimming goals.

Join us today and watch your child shine.


Various Locations

We are located on beautiful Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia and have three pools to choose from; Commonwealth Pool, Juan de Fuca Pool, and Sooke Seaparc.  Please visit our Pool Locations page for addresses and directions.

For information on group schedules or fees click here: Schedule and fees  

Learn to Swim Programs for kids 4 – 19 years of age

We offer a variety of programs for kids of all ages based on age, ability and goals.  We can give your child the skills to move into competitive swimming or they can choose just to swim for fun and fitness.

~ Liaison Programs: Island Wave Skills ages 3-7 & Island Swim Skills Bronze ages 6-10

These programs are available and registered through Saanich Commonwealth Place and Juan de Fuca Recreation centers and we provide our trained coaches.

Island Wave Skills Swimmers will develop advanced levels of endurance, kicking, body, hand and breath control. Your child should be able to submerge their head underwater, perform a basic front glide and be in the pool without parent's help.  

Island Swim Skills Bronze Swimmers will learn new strokes, racing starts and turns and increase endurance. Prerequisite: Swim 15 meters in deep water using any stroke, Swim Kids 4 or Island Wave Skills 3.  Graduates from this program are eligible to enter Island Swimming Club.

~ Island Swim Skills 6-11 year olds

These dynamic programs offer a fun introduction to competitive swimming.  Your child will learn to be a strong swimmer in a fun, encouraging environment.  Can your child retrieve an underwater toy, flutter kick on their back, and swim for 3 metres?  If you are unsure of your child’s skills, contact us for a free assessment.  Programs available in Island Swim Skills include:

ISS Bronze  Suitable for swimmers age 6-8 years old who are comfortable swimming 15 meters or more in deep water.  The Bronze group meets twice a week.

ISS Silver 2  Suitable for swimmers age 8-10 who are comfortable swimming 25 meters or more in deep water. The Silver 2 group meets twice a week.  Available at Saanich Commonwealth Place only.

ISS Silver  Suitable for swimmers age 8-10 who are comfortable swimming 25 meters or more in deep water. The Silver group meets three times a week.

ISS Gold  Suitable for swimmers age 8-11 who have graduated from Island Swim Skills Bronze or Silver, School Swim Club or Swim Kids 7.  The Gold group meets four times a week. 

 ~ Youth (P3) 12-19 year olds - Revised Program

The Island Swimming Youth/(P3) group is available to swimmers age 12 to 19 (as at October 1, 2013) with a swimming/training background, who want to re-enter a competitive swimming program or maintain their swimming technique and fitness while pursuing other sports.  Swimmers are encouraged to register as competitive and compete at regional and local competitions; however swimmers still have the option to swim non-competitive.  There are 3 sessions weekly and up to 2 dryland sessions for this group. Swimmers in this group are always able to move back into the full competitive stream.

Youth Prerequisite: Coach assessment, age 12 or older as at October 1, 2013 and must be able to swim 400 meters.

Recognition and Skill Testing

All our Island Swim Skill swimmers receive progress reports at the end of the swim year that highlight their achievements and allow mom and dad to follow their progress. We also offer the iRace Series swim meets where your child can show off their skills, win prizes and have a ton of fun.