The 2020/ 2021 season looks a bit different than before!

We are back in the pool in a limited capacity and our WAVES have been replaced with Cohorts and Subcohorts

Cohorts and Subcohorts

Each Cohort is divided into 3 Subcohorts. Subcohorts have been created to make cohesive training groups that can easily be combined when our pool schedule changes.

Cohort 1

Subcohorts 1A & 1B consist of CSI and Senior level swimmers. These groups have 5 pool practices and 2 dryland sessions per week.
Cohort 1C has 3 practices per week and 2 dryland sessions.

Cohort 2

Cohort 2 swimmers currently have 1 afternoon session per week at Commonwealth Pool and 2 morning practices at Panorama. Dryland for Cohort 2 includes a JDF or SCP option on Thursday afternoon and a Saturday morning session for the full group.

Cohort 3

Subcohort 3A & 3B swimmers have one afternoon session at Commonwealth Pool and 1 dryland session per week.
Subcohort 3C athletes are not yet in the pool but attend dryland at JDF (Thursday) or SCP (Saturday morning).
New registrations should contact the office