The 2020/ 2021 season looks a bit different than before!

We are back in the pool in a limited capacity and our WAVES have been replaced with Cohorts and Subcohorts

Programs are currently FULL. Please contact the office to be added to our waitlist

Cohorts and Subcohorts

Each Cohort is divided into Subcohorts. Subcohorts have been created to make cohesive training groups that can easily be combined when our pool schedule changes.
We're excited that Juan de Fuca pool is now open. Most groups will now swim at SCP and JDF during the week. Subochorts 1D & 2A will also use Panorama pool on an alternating basis.

Cohort 1

Subcohorts 1A & 1B consist of CSI and Senior level swimmers. These groups have 6 pool practices and 1 dryland session per week.
Subcohorts 1C & 1D have 5 practices per week and 1 dryland session.

Cohort 2

Cohort 2 consists of Subcohort 2A & 2B.
Subcohort 2A practices 4 times per week with 1 dryland session.
Subcohort 2B practices 3 times per week and has 1 dryland session.


Cohort 3

Subcohort 3A,3B & 3JDF swimmers have 2 practices per week.
Subcohort 3C and 4JDF swimmers currently have 1 practice per week at SCP or JDF pool.