Our Vision



Swimming for Excellence in Life


Island Swimming Club fosters a positive swimming environment that encourages hard work, personal growth, team spirit, and competitive success.


Leadership, Commitment, Integrity, Athlete Centred, Community


We embrace our role as leaders that challenge, inspire, empower and encourage

Athlete Centred

We support an environment where the coach helps their athletes take responsibility of their sporting behaviours that create their results


Island Swimming believes the integrity of our individual and collective behaviour is the cornerstone of who and what we are


We are dedicated to the long-term success of our club



We create an atmosphere where athletes and families feel a sense of belonging, and support each other in both success and failure

Island Swimming Structure

Island Swimming operates out of two pools to offer our development swimmers more convenient options.  Swimmers who reach Provincial levels and above come together and train at the Saanich Commonwealth Pool. Younger swimmers work towards the Provincial level standards at their chosen pool. 
Our training groups are designed to complement the abilities and skill development of all athletes. Many swimmers will move training groups throughout the year as their skills develop and they need further challenge.