Volunteer Requirements

There are currenlty no meets on the 2020/21 schedule. Once we return to competition, this page will be updated with new requirements.

The 2019/ 2020 Volunteer Points Chart is available HERE

An enormous number of volunteers are needed to host a swim meet.  A system of base points has been established to ensure that Island Swimming has enough volunteers to run hosted meets as smoothly and professionally as possible.

The points system has changed this year so parents are spending more time volunteering at meets their swimmers are attending and less time at meets their swimmers may not qualify to attend. Meets are now divided into two designations; One Day Meets and Multi Day Meets.

Volunteers from Green, Blue and Black groups will be responsible for running all the One Day meets and will have a lesser requirement at Multi Day meets.

Swimmers in Provincial, Senior, CSI and Senior Performance will not have a requirement at One Day meets, but will have an increased commitment at Multi Day meets.

Each shift at a swim meet is now worth 1 point.

Penalty System: The penalty is $25/point of obligation not met.  For hosted meets, there is an escalating penalty structure: if a member family misses their entire obligation for a hosted meet, the penalty per point for subsequent hosted meets will rise by $25/point.  


1)      As the point charts are based on registration numbers the requirements may increase or decrease once final registration numbers are known in October.

2)      Meet Dates below are requested but may change due to conflicting meets. Continue to watch the Island Swimming website for meet schedule updates.


Officials Training & Training Bond

During the swim season, Island Swimming will host a number of officials training clinics to help you diversify your officiating skills. More information about the officials pathway and how to upgrade your skills is available on the Island Swimming website under Member Info.

If a family has not made an effort to increase their officiating level they will be charged a $250 penalty at the end of the season. The penalty must be paid before registration for the next season will be permitted