Program Information

The 2020 swim season looks much different that before!

We are currently structuring the competitive club into 4 waves as we very slowly return to the pool. 

Registration into each wave is by invitation only. Please contact Cathy at if you are unsure which wave to register for.

Wave 1: Senior level swimmers. 

  • 2 pool practices per week, 2 dryland sessions per week

Wave 2: Provincial & oldest Black group swimmers.

  • 2 pool practices per week, 2 dryland sessions per week

Wave 3: Remaining Black group, Blue group and Green group swimmers.

  • 2 dryland sessions per week.
  • Optional 2 open water morning swims at Thetis Lake (September only) for swimmers 11 and older

Wave 4: ISS: Gold, Silver and Bronze group swimmers

  • dryland sessions - schedule and location to be determined

September Open Water Swimming for Wave 3 swimmers only.

Practices will start on Wednesday September 9 and end on Monday September 29


Swimmers must be 11 or over to participate.

  • Practices will be at  Elk Lake, Hamsterly Beach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Sessions start at 4:30pm and 5:30pm
  • There are 6 open water practices per week. You may choose 2 practices that best fit your schedule.
  • Cost: $60 to cover lifeguards.


Note: Swimmers in Wave 1 & Wave 2 are not permitted to register for this Open Water Session.

Please note: This group is not open for registration.

This is for administration purposes only.

For registration information, please contact Cathy at