Pre-Competitive Programs





Club Programs at SCP & JDF pools
Island Swim Skills Team 

At each practice, swimmers will be divided into lanes based on age and ability. When they are ready to progress, swimmers will just move to the next lane. This open format is easier for family scheduling and allows swimmers to progress at a faster rate and to work with different coaches from time to time.


We have 15 scheduled ISS practices per week at Commonwealth and JDF pools.  Choose the combination of practice times and location that best fits your schedule. Fees are charged on a monthly basis to your swimmer account.


Swimmers become more confident in the pool and progress more quickly when they practice at least twice per week. A significant amount of time is spent reviewing skills when only practiced once a week.

Swimmers 6 – 8 , choose 2 times/week  Swimmers 9 and older, choose 3 times/ week


iRaces are held 4 or 5 times during the season (usually on a Sunday morning).

iRaces are a great chance for swimmers to practice the skills they have been learning at practice - and they're lots of fun!

Conditioning & Technqiue

Conditioning & Technique group is a non-competitive program, but does offer the opportunity to compete if members wish to do so. This program is designed for anyone who loves to swim - especially former competitive swimmers, athletes who are cross training and anyone who wants to improve their skills and fitness to become a lifeguard or swimming instructor.


We have 5 scheduled C & T practices per week at Commonwealth pool. Choose the number and times to practice that best fit your schedule. Swimmers may make up missed practices by contacting the ISC office or lead C & T coach.

Lesson Programs at Crystal & SCP pools
Swim Skills Jr, Swim Skills Sr, Conditioning & Technique, Island Wave Skills
*These programs are regsitered like swimming lessons, but taught by Island Swimming instructors

Island Swim Skills Junior: Recommended ages 3 – 7

Encompassing levels 1 – 4, Island Swim Skills Junior takes children from non-swimmer, to comfortable, to confident in the water. Small class sizes ensure that your child gets plenty of positive active time. 

Island Swim Skills Senior: Recommended ages 6 – 13.

 Encompassing levels 5 – 10, Island Swim Skills Sr encourages swimmers to continue expanding their aquatic skillset and fitness. Swimmers learn a variety of techniques and how they can be applied to the aquatic world for sport, for work, or for fun. 

Offered at Crystal Pool Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 

Registration: If your child is able to comfortably swim 25m of face-in Front Crawl, please register in Island Swim Skills Senior. Otherwise, please register in Island Swim Skills Junior.

Island Wave Skills: Recommended ages 4 – 7.

Island Wave Skills takes children from non-swimmer, to comfortable, to confident in the water. Teaching through games ensures swimmers learn how to be comforable in the water without a parent while learning basic aquatic skills.

Offered at Saanich Commonwealth Place, Friday afternoons​​​​​​​