Scholarships and Bursaries

National Sport Trust Fund approved by Sport BC
through the National Sports Trust Fund

IS Scholarship Bursary Project P 106

The Dr. Michael Perchinsky Scholarship Fund:
This scholarship is for athletes that train, swim and compete for Island Swimming at a senior national/ international level and are pursuing or about to pursue post secondary education. Dr. Perchinsky has committed to contribute $10,000.00 per year for the next 10 years. Up to $5,000.00 per year will be awarded annually to one or more athlete(s). The remainder will go toward developing a legacy fund.

The Rick Say Bust Out Swim of the Year Award:
This is to be awarded on an annual basis to an Island Swimming athlete(s) competing at a national level that had a breakout swim that propelled them to the next level. Up to two $1,000.00 awards will be awarded annually. Rick Say has donated $4,000.00 to start this award. This has been matched by a further $4,000.00 from John Alexander and the law firm Cox Taylor. To date $3,000.00 has been awarded. ISA’s goal is to continue to develop this as a legacy fund.

IS High Performance Fund Project P 105

The monies from this fund will be used to support the training and travel costs of Island Swimming national level athletes. Again the goal is to use half of the contributed funds annually and use the other half to build a legacy fund for on-going athlete support. Please be a part of the Olympic dream and help our athletes reach the success they work so hard to achieve.


Anyone can donate to the funds – the minimum donation is $100 and a tax receipt will be issued. All cheques must be made out to the National Sport Trust Fund and be accompanied by a Donor Contribution Declaration letter.

Island Swimming would like to thank
Dr. Michael Perchinsky, Rick Say, Mr. John Alexander
and the law firm, Cox Taylor for their on-going support.

For more information on donating to Island Swimming
through the National Sport Trust Fund,
please contact us.