ISC Summer Registration

Applicable to: Summer Skills July 2 - 5 Summer Skills July 8 - 12 Summer Skills July 15 - 19 Summer Skills July 22 - 26 Summer Skills July 29 - August 2 1/2 Day Morning Camp August 6 - 9 Summer Skills August 6 - 9 1/2 Day Morning Camp August 12 - 16 Summer Skills August 12 - 16 Competitive Tune Up August 12 - 15 Summer Skills August 19 - 23 Competitive Tune Up August 19 - 22 Competitive Tune Up August 26 - 29

ISC Participation Agreement Summer 2024


The Island Swimming Club (ISC) strives to ensure a safe environment for its swimmers. However, members should understand that, without neglect on the part of the swimmer or ISC, injuries can occur because of the inherent nature of the activity.

The member authorizes the swimmer to participate in ISC activities including local and out-of-town meets and releases ISC, its Board of Directors, coaches and chaperones from any and all claims which may arise by reason of the swimmer’s participation in ISC activities, including any and all claims which may arise due to bodily injury or illness.

The member authorizes ISC, its Board of Directors, coaches, chaperones and/or any representative of ISC to authorize such medical attention as may be deemed necessary and appropriate in the circumstances should a swimmer suffer an injury or illness while participating in ISC activities and agrees to pay for all medical and any other related expenses incurred in such an event.

The member releases ISC, its Board of Directors, coaches, chaperones and/or any representative of ISC from any claim arising from the medical treatment a swimmer receives while participating in ISC activities.

The member agrees that all members and swimmers will comply with all ISC policies and any communicated expectations as established by ISC, its Board of Directors, coaches, chaperones and/or any representative of ISC. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Any costs incurred by reason of the termination of a swimmer’s participation in any ISC activities and/or as a result of the swimmer being sent home will be the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

The member agrees that all swimmers will be subject to an Athlete Code of Conduct, which is posted on the ISC website, and must comply with the Code of Conduct or face possible disciplinary action. In addition, the member agrees that, as applicable, it will comply with the ISC Member Code of Conduct.


In consideration of acceptance of my registration, I/we agree to the following:

  1. ISC terms of Registration  as outlined in this agreement
  2. The Payment of all ISC program fees

Registration is not guaranteed until swimmers have completed an assessment on the first session and are assessed as safe and competent for the program.


Payment Procedure:

A valid credit card must be added to the website at the time of registration. Fees for weekly programs will be charged on the second day of the session once new participants are deemed as safe and competent.

 Payment by direct debit or e-transfer will be accepted with permission of the ISC office or summer programmers.


To withdraw from a program before it begins, please contact the summer program co-coordinators prior to the first day of the registered session. If you child does not like the summer program, or is unable to complete the minimum requirements, you will not be charged for that session.

Privacy Policy:

The Swimming Canada Use of Personal Information memo, governs ISC and its Members.

Media Permission:

Group photographs: Members consent to the posting or publication of Group photographs provided that individual swimmers are not identified. 

Members also consent to the posting of photographs of individual swimmers or their parents and siblings on the ISC website, bulletin boards, newsletters and related publications, and the inclusion of the names and achievements of swimmers with photographs or in team stories UNLESS a Member has withdrawn such consent in writing by notifying If such consent is withdrawn, the affected swimmer will not be permitted to participate in group or team photographs.