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2023/ 24 Volunteer Points Requirement

It takes an enormous number of volunteers to run our club – from year-round decision-making and planning, to organizing 50+ positions that need to be filled to run a swim meet. Hosted swim meets are significant portion of our annual budget and allow us to compete at home, avoiding costly travel. A point system on a family basis has been established to ensure that Island Swimming has enough volunteers to ensure smooth operation of the club, have proper supervision during team travel and ensure efficient and professionally run hosted swim meets.

It’s also designed so parents are, for the most part, volunteering at meets where their athletes are participating. Note: there may be times when parents will be required to volunteer at meets their swimmer is not participating in.

Meet & Date                                                  

Intro Comp  



CSI & National groups

Swimming Canada Risk Waiver for Officials 1 1 1 1

Bennett Cup

 November 10 - 12, 2023

1 3 4 4

February Dual Meet

February 17 - 18, 2024

1 2 2 2

Medley Challenge

May 24 – 26, 2024

2 3 3


Additional Volunteer points - see full document for details





Total Points Required 7 10 11 12

I understand:

  1.  The point charts are based on registration numbers the requirements may increase or decrease once final registration numbers are known in October.
  2. Meet Dates are tentative but may change due to conflicting meets. Continue to watch the Island Swimming website for meet schedule updates.
  3. Families can earn half points for “Shadow” shifts
  4. The minimum required per meet applies even if your swimmer is not attending the meet
  5. All points not completed by the end of May 2024, will be billed to my account at $50 per point.